June 25, 2024

Welcome to Evergon: Redefining Real-World Asset Tokenization

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Discover how Evergon is redefining real-world asset tokenization for institutions and businesses everywhere.

Welcome to Evergon: Redefining Real-World Asset Tokenization

Welcome to the launch of Evergon, and the next stage of creating a real-world asset tokenization platform designed for ease of use and regulatory compliance. Our rebranding from Nexera Finance represents key advancements in our roadmap of helping redefine the standards necessary for asset tokenization to continue achieving global adoption. 

As the opportunities for real-world asset tokenization increase, here is where we introduce the next stage of this journey, and why this acceleration as Evergon is fundamentally important to drive market adoption.

Real-World Assets Require Innovative Solutions

The growth of real-world asset tokenization has been gathering momentum. Major institutions like Blackrock have made waves launching their own tokenized funds, while the advancement of technology necessary to redefine how assets are traded on a global scale continues to diversify.

A growing number of tokenization options exist, but there are challenges that can hold institutions and businesses back from effectively pursing their own projects:

Enhancing Market Liquidity

A significant challenge in tokenization is creating a liquid market for tokenized assets. The ability to trade assets in smaller, fractional units is essential, as it democratizes access and increases market participation. However, achieving true liquidity requires more than just fractional ownership; it demands a robust ecosystem of secondary market trading venues where these tokens can be easily bought and sold.

At Evergon, we address this by providing a platform that supports fractional ownership while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Our infrastructure facilitates seamless trading on secondary markets, thereby driving liquidity and enabling a more dynamic and accessible market for institutional investors and individual participants alike.

Standardization and Interoperability

The fragmented nature of blockchain networks and the lack of interoperability standards pose a significant challenge in the broader tokenization landscape. This complexity extends beyond financial assets to include various types of digital and real-world assets.

Moreover, achieving interoperability is not only about ensuring compatibility between various blockchains but also about integrating these systems with traditional legacy infrastructures.

Evergon offers a solution that acts as an adapter, bridging the gaps between different blockchain standards and legacy systems. Our technology enables seamless interaction across networks, simplifying the tokenization process and promoting a standardized, interoperable market. 

This approach facilitates smoother transactions as well as enhances the overall efficiency and reach of the tokenized economy, ensuring a cohesive and inclusive digital asset ecosystem.

Token Issuance Complexity

Converting real-world assets into digital tokens is complex, requiring significant technical expertise and resources. Institutions are often deterred from developing their own tokenization solutions due to the high costs and complexities involved. However, they also hesitate to rely on generic, third-party solutions that require giving access to their clients, preferring to maintain control and customization.

Evergon addresses these challenges by offering a user-friendly platform that abstracts technical complexities while allowing institutions to retain control. Our solution provides the necessary flexibility and customization, enabling institutions to efficiently create tailored tokenization frameworks without the need for expensive, in-house development. This approach ensures that institutions can achieve their strategic goals while maintaining direct oversight of their client interactions.

Asset Management Difficulties

Managing tokens throughout their lifecycle can encounter significant roadblocks, particularly the inability to alter key properties of a digitized asset after its creation. This rigidity poses a challenge in a landscape where regulations surrounding digital asset trading are rapidly evolving. Institutions may find tokenization projects unfeasible if they cannot adapt to changing regulatory requirements.

Evergon addresses this by offering a flexible token management platform that allows for modifications in response to regulatory changes. Our solution ensures that institutions can remain compliant and agile, adapting their tokenized assets as needed throughout their lifecycle. This flexibility makes tokenization projects more viable and sustainable in a dynamic regulatory environment.

Distribution Inefficiencies

Bridging the gap between traditional Web2 user environments and Web3 implementations is crucial for attracting users to tokenization. The lack of unification between legacy systems and decentralised technology requires significant integration efforts, often leading to distribution inefficiencies.

Evergon tackles this challenge by providing technology that seamlessly integrates with legacy systems. Our solution enhances user experience and simplifies the transition for traditional institutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient distribution process. This integration not only improves accessibility but also accelerates the adoption of tokenization across diverse user bases.

Embracing Compliance Requirements

Tokenization solutions must be centered around appropriate regulations, depending on factors such as the nature of their activities, the jurisdiction they operate in, and their target audience. 

Evergon is proud to work with regulatory bodies around the world. This not only ensures that our solutions are able to cater to the intricacies of international compliance, but also positions Evergon as a thought leader to help drive conversation in the industry.

Our involvement in key regulatory think tanks has already included our Founder and CEO Rachid Ajaja being invited as a core participant at a European Commission workshop on DLT interoperability and standardization. We will continue to use our extensive knowledge of tokenization infrastructure to make the recommendations needed to cater for widespread innovation and user adoption.

Evergon: Powered by the Core Tokenization System

At the heart of everything we do is our Core Tokenization System (CTS). The development of this multi-use, flexible product suite has been powered by the innovation of Nexera infrastructure. 

By leveraging years of Nexera’s infrastructure development across Web3 business use cases, Evergon has created a versatile solution that handholds you throughout the lifecycle of tokenization—from tangible assets to intangible ones—in ever-changing environments.

The CTS can be broken down into three key functionalities:

  • Evergon Platform — A no-code solution for rapid asset tokenization. Because Evergon takes care of all compliance and regulatory considerations, we enable companies to tokenize their assets and go to market quickly with complete assurance. This user-driven tokenization experience frees up companies to focus their resources on developing and scaling their tokenization use cases.

  • Platform-as-a-service — Our modular functionality enables users to build their own tokenization platforms using Evergon technology. Invite your own users to your platforms, distribute assets in public or private sales, and tailor your markets with your own rules and step-by-step validation.
  • Evergon API SDK — A developer-focused solution that is fully interoperable with enterprise legacy systems. By integrating directly into your existing tech stacks, the Evergon API SDK is designed to offer businesses and institutions the highest level of tokenization solution customization. Leverage CRM APIs to manage issuers and investors, use out-of-the-box components, and integrate the protocol directly into your operations.

The Roadmap Ahead

The next few months will see Evergon continue to scale up our tokenization offering. Building on our existing partnership successes to date will be the catalyst to shaping how we integrate our tokenization solutions into the existing market. 

There has never been a more pressing need to provide a user-driven range of solutions for real-world asset tokenization. From rapid opportunities that require no-code ‘click and deliver’ tokenization, to more complex tokenization secondary markets for longer-term strategies, the opportunity is here to deliver a new industry standard for institutional participation.

Evergon’s market and industry scope goes far beyond being a technology solution for tokenization and asset management. We empower institutions to establish new market capabilities for their tokenization ambitions. Driving innovation and collaboration across the sphere of real-world asset tokenization and management is a core tenet of our mission to increase adoption and standards.

The following months will see various activities to help us achieve this. We’re excited to show you, and invite you to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for all the latest updates.

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June 25, 2024
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